Cura vs Slic3r Performance

Hardware Printrbot Simple Maker Edition - this actually started as the original Printrbot Simple and I used the Makers Upgrade kit to get it to this »

Android Wear Watchface

Watchface Download Link The watch face pictured above was created with WatchMaker for Android. I made it for use with my Motorola 360 smartwatch. Being my »

Automated Phone Security

Because I am an engineer and I like to ‘think’ my way out of doing repetitive tasks by hand, I wondered how I could lock and »

Upgrades 'fer Days

Upgrade-ception Just as soon as I installed and got this working on my printer, I ripped the whole thing apart. I had been putting off purchasing »

On Perpetuity

On Perpetuity Having successfully gotten my printer to work again, of course I had to completely take it apart in an attempt to ‘upgrade’ it. Before »

Gotta Print 'em All!

The Path to Perfect Prints. . . is paved with lots of really, really bad prints. My Printrbot Simple has been sitting dormant for quite some time after »