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Amazon Echo, Echo

First of all, refer to my Jasper Article if you wish to get a little background on my voice controlled assistant adventures. Having successfully hacked together a working implementation of... »

Industrial Internet of Things

On behalf of my employer, Owens-Illinois, I attended a conference titled The Automation Conference in Chicago, IL. While automation is a broad topic, this conference seemed centered on the Industrial... »

Jasper, Make Me A Sandwich!

Here is a brief synopsis of my experience with Jasper, the open source platform for developing always-on, voice-controlled applications. Contents Background STT Engines TTS Engines Opinion Background While these types... »

Cura vs Slic3r Performance

Hardware Printrbot Simple Maker Edition - this actually started as the original Printrbot Simple and I used the Makers Upgrade kit to get it to this version. See some of... »

Android Wear Watchface

Watchface Download Link The watch face pictured above was created with WatchMaker for Android. I made it for use with my Motorola 360 smartwatch. Being my first watchface, I found... »

Automated Phone Security

Because I am an engineer and I like to ‘think’ my way out of doing repetitive tasks by hand, I wondered how I could lock and unlock my Android phone... »