February 16, 2014

A Thought on Music Videos

Without getting tangled in a discussion of music genres and how ineffective/pointless they are and can be, I will try to make my point. Some music videos are a little story in and of themselves. They have a micro plot and some sort of conclusion/ending. I've noticed that most electronic music videos aren't like this. Chalk that up to the uniqueness of the artists or the general 'storyless' music they produce, but I'd like to think there's a little more to it.

These three videos below don't exactly tell a story so much as they elicit a particular feeling. A lot of times this can be more powerful than telling a story with a beginning and an end because it conveys the feeling so effectively.

Seven Lions - Days to Come ft. Fiora

I find this song/video to be especially touching in it's vocals and smooth instrumentals. I feel the shifting of you getting closer and I lose my fears to oblivion hint that this song is about becoming close with someone and putting your trust in them. Letting your guard down and ultimately confiding in another human being your closest secrets and ambitions. The calm synths and bass notes help take you into this mindset and forget the world around you as you listen to the vocals and get caught in the visuals.

Tiesto - Red Lights

I notice with a lot of Tiesto songs/videos, they seem to hint at dropping everything and pursuing your ambitions and dreams. In this case, dropping your boring day job and partaking in a life full of fun and adventure. We could just run them red lights paints the picture of riding off into the city, blowing past all your cares and obligations on an adventure worth remembering. Takes the notion of Stay hungry, stay foolish and applies it to going on crazy roadtrips and simply letting loose.

Tiesto - Take Me

Again with the good 'ol Tiesto themes of freedom and excitement. Destination far off and foreign and It's never or now all portray that urgency to do what you want and love while you still have time. Baby won't you take me with you simple furthers that sentiment by doing it with someone you love.

These videos are why I love Electronic music. The vocals are typically great and elicit a sense of purpose and freedom that other music doesn't capture. A feeling of leaving the trite, boring 9-5 life we all get stuck in and instead go on adventures every day and take risks for the sake of taking risks. Carpe diem and carpe noctem at the same time.