May 18, 2014

Gotta Print 'em All!

The Path to Perfect Prints. . .

is paved with lots of really, really bad prints. My Printrbot Simple has been sitting dormant for quite some time after I feared the Extruder was clogged/broken beyond repair. I looked at every forum post out there and tried everything under the sun to try and fix it. Of all the supposed ‘remedies’, the most useful was to remove the brass nozzle and manually feed filament through to clean it out. Whether that fixed the issue or not, I’m unsure. What ultimately got me printing again was to switch filament and give it another go. I’ve come to realize that all Filament is not created equally. Diameter tolerances are different, compositions differ, and some even have foreign objects that may clog an extruder. So once you find a good supplier, it’s highly recommended to just stick with them.

I’ve Created A Monster. . .

Once I discovered that simply switching out my filament got me printing again, I attempted to print out a quadcopter frame.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that wouldn’t fly very well. Yes, I was successfully printing again but of course I played with my Slic3r settings. I enabled firmware retraction of the extruder. What this meant was that the firmware on the Printrboard would handle retraction of the filament when the nozzle traveled. This clearly led to a very stringy print. I have yet to try this again without that setting, but I’m hoping that with some additional tweaks I can get a more functional print.

A Blue Moon

Moving on to some prints that require little to no travel such as that on the quadcopter, I had much better luck.







These three guys printed out exceptionally well in my opinion. Layer resolution was great and hanging edges were consistent. Once again, faith in my printer has been restored and I’m continuing to print neat little trinkets. For those interested, here is the Gcode for Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle that I used.