February 2, 2014

IKEA Standing Desk

About a year or so ago, I undertook the venture of switching from a traditional desk to a standing desk. After hearing of all the potential health and ergonomic benefits (if done correctly), I couldn’t pass it up since I spend most of my time at a desk. Spending a minimal amount of money to transform my little desk into a standing one, I ended up with this (minus all the clutter and general mess of course):


While this contraption was great to prove the feasibility of using a standing desk “full-time” if you will, it wasn’t a very good desk for the long haul. Over the past few months, I’ve played around with various design ideas for standing desks. Either pre-built units or combinations of furniture, repurposed into a desk. Weighing the pros and cons (mostly cost and overall size), I decided to try my hand at making a desk with IKEA furniture and pieces. Of course, sites such as this inspired me to think of IKEA (also the swedish meatballs they serve).

After pouring over the website and all the different pieces I could use for a desk, I came up with the following bill of materials:

  1. Billy Book Case x2
  2. Linnmon Tabletop x1
  3. Lack Shelf x1
  4. Ekby Tore Shelf Mounts x2



I put together the above configuration to get a better idea of how everything would come together. This was the initial idea, to have the bookcases facing inward to provide good front and back support for the desk. However, the shelves weren’t easy to access. Once I put all the pieces where they would go, I came up with the following configuration which is what I ultimately chose:


To get a better idea of where the monitors and other peripherals are placed:


I think it turned out quite well for the price and hope it will last me as long if not longer than my previous desk!