June 3, 2014

On Perpetuity

On Perpetuity

Having successfully gotten my printer to work again, of course I had to completely take it apart in an attempt to ‘upgrade’ it. Before doing so, I printed off the following models to upgrade my Y-axis.




It’s an odd feeling being able to use your printer to print off parts for that very same printer. Nothing new in this field, but still pretty awesome to do it successfully for the first time. Huge props to the designer (linked to above at Thingiverse) for designing these parts for bolt-on application without modifying the Printrbot itself.

To ease my mind during longer prints, I also attached heat sinks to the extruder motor:


I got a little carried away with the thermal adhesive, but
as you can tell by my bright, yellow wire ties, I’m not too concerned with looks here. Passive cooling keeps the motor quite cool during prints and should eliminate any risk of extruder over temp and premature filament deformation.